On the Patio

Throughout the summer, we connect with each other on our hilltop patio for conversation with guest speakers, pot luck dinners, occasional talks about local history or pastimes, or just to enjoy our traditional Oreos and punch “coffee hour”.


Patio Conversations
Each Sunday, 8:30 am

Each Sunday we gather in patio chairs to talk about real life spirituality. These enlightening conversations are lead by the preacher of the day, invited writers and authors, members of outreach organizations the Chapel supports, among other friends of the Chapel who share their offerings with the group. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about a special topic and share in reflective conservation, all while greeting and getting to know one another. Bring a cup of coffee or tea and join us!

Topics for patio conversations are often determined the week prior to the Sunday service. Look for this information in our e-newsletter.

Join us for:

The Word on Cheese with Susan Sherrill Axelrod,
Editor of Culture: The Word on Cheese
August 28, 8:30 am

“Coffee Hour”
Each Sunday, following the 9:30 service
Our traditional offering of punch and Oreo cookies brings us together after the worship service.


The Chapel of St. James the Fisherman
2317 US-6, Wellfleet, MA 02667
The Chapel is located on the west side of Route 6 on the hill just south of the Post Office and WHAT Theatre Company.

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